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Our church building is a wonderful place to worship. Constructed in a cathedral style it is ornately decorated with beatiful woodwork and stonework. Our building is also rapidly approaching 100 years in age. The building was constructed by the most capable of craftsmen and has maintained integrity for all of those years. However, there are aspects to any building that require attention no matter the construction of the building. St George's is blessed to have a number of parishoners that have the skills to perform many of the small and large repair projects as they present themselves.

Currently the building's overhead ceiling fans have been replaced.


To anyone who has ever had a reason to be "above the ceiling" in the church, you would be surprised how hot it is up there, (even on the coldest days). This latent heat, is "free heat" that, with modern, low consumption, high efficiency fans, could be pushed down to the pews in the winter, enabling the boilers to stay turned off for longer periods of time. Ultimately this could offer some benefit in cooler church services in the summer. 

So, this project was initiated to improve the circulation of air in the church. At present, five room sized fans are present in the church. They are only able to turn in one direction and so they are not effective during all seasons. The wiring to these fans was found to be in very poor condition. However, it is necessary to have fans at the ceiling even in winter to move the warm air at the ceiling downward to mix with the cooler air at the floor. This we believe will lead to energy savings as the air in the church will be a more consistent temperature from ceiling to floor and this will be sensed by the thermostat, thus preventing the boilers from firing as often as they currently do. 
At the current time installation of one new 8ft (2.4m) and two 10ft (3m) fans has been scheduled for April 12th, 2021.
Installation Day
Installation day finally arrived and then the real work of installing the fans was undertaken by the contractor, Townsend Electric. The first hurdle to be overcome was to get the "lift" into the Church. Would you believe this device was too wide by a mere inch (2.5cm)? That unfortunate inch required doors to be removed before it could be brought inside (out of the nasty rainy day).
The lift was run over top of 3/4" plywood seats that were themselves laid over old carpet remnants. The idea being to protect our lovely hardwood floors from damage.
At various points some pews needed to be removed to extend the stabilizer legs of the lift. Fortunately, just a few screws are all that need be removed to move a pew.

Below is a gallery of pictures taken during the week as the work progressed.


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